Car Hire Rhodes

Rhodes Car Rental. Get the best deal for the Summer 2024. Book now with real time confirmation for your Car Rental with free delivery and no prepayment.

Explore Rhodes island comfortably: Rhodes offers a very well-maintained road system, with no toll stations, that can drive you to every natural beauty and to every quiet beach you will choose! 

Enjoy the freedom that only a hired car in Rhodes can provide, visit the amazing archaeological sites and discover the endless natural beauty’s Rhodes has to offer.


Choose Rhodes Economy for affordable car rental options. We offer a variety of rental packages designed to cater to different budgets, with insurance options available to give you peace of mind during your travels.

With Rhodes Economy, you can select the perfect car that meets your needs and gives you the freedom to explore Rhodes at your own pace. Our competitive prices and flexible packages ensure that you can enjoy a budget-friendly car rental experience without compromising on quality.

Our car rental in Rhodes packages are tailored to provide you with options that suit your preferences and budget. From our basic packages to our full insurance-inclusive Premium Package, you can customize your car hire experience to your liking. We understand the importance of insurance coverage, and our options allow you to choose the level of coverage that best fits your needs.

Rhodes Airport Car Rental

Rhodes Airport car hire with Rhodes Economy, easy and fast online reservation at the best rates with excellent customer service. Choose your preferred car and with a simple click enter our very easy reservation procedure. Meet our representative and collect your Rental car in Rhodes Airport with no delays, so your Holiday in Rhodes will start with the best possible way for you and your family.

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Basic & Comfort Package

Rhodes Airport Car Rental

Premium Package

Rhodes Airport Car Rental

Rent a Car Rhodes Top Destinations

Rent a car in Rhodes and use our FREE door-to-door delivery service. We deliver your rental car to all destinations on the island, so you don't have to search for our stations. Save time and money.

Car Hire Rhodes Car Hire Faliraki
Car Hire Faliraki

Economy car Rental Rhodes is offering a Grate variety of New, Clean, and Safe cars, so your car hire in Faliraki will give you the opportunity to Enjo...

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Car Hire Rhodes Rent a Car in Lindos
Rent a Car in Lindos

Rent a car in Lindos and Explore Rhodes Easily and with complete Freedom and Safety. Economy car Rental Rhodes is offering a Grate variety of New, Cl...

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Car Hire Rhodes Rent a car in Ixia
Rent a car in Ixia

Rent a car in Ixia and we will Deliver it to you at your place of Residence with no Extra Cost. Economy car Rental Rhodes is offering a Grate variety...

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Car Hire Rhodes Rent a Car Kolymbia
Rent a Car Kolymbia

Rent a car in Kolymbia and we will deliver it to you at your place of Residence with no Extra Cost. Up to -40% Special Offers and Additional Early Bo...

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Car Hire Rhodes Car Hire Pefkos
Car Hire Pefkos

Rent a car in Pefkos and we will deliver it to you at your place of Residence with no Extra Cost. Economy car Rental Rhodes is offering a Grate varie...

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Car Hire Rhodes Car Hire Stegna
Car Hire Stegna

Rent a car in Stegna and we will deliver it to you at your place of Residence with no Extra Cost. Economy car Rental Rhodes is offering a Grate varie...

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Car Rental Rhodes Services

Car Hire Rhodes - Select Economy Package

Rent a car Rhodes - Select 1 of the Packages offered for each Car Hire in Rhodes according to your needs and budget. No Prepayment needed with Premium Package.


We offer Rental Cars in all sizes for Car Rental in Rhodes, Hire a Car or Mini Van 7 - 9 Seats in Perfect condition. Clean and 100% Sanitized.

Free Delivery / Collection

Hire a Car in Rhodes Airport, Rhodes Port or your Accommodation, and we will Meet you there at the Agreed time for a Fast Accurate & Friendly Delivery


Your hired car in Rhodes Will Cover your Needs & Expectations. If not, it will be Immediately Replaced With the Best Possible Car Available. 4,9 Stars Rated Service

Rent a Car Rhodes Offers

Enjoy all our latest offers and get the best prices as well as the best quality. Rent a car in Rhodes, that's the best and most economical way to explore the island. Enjoy the combination of Rhodes natural beauties.

Car Rental Rhodes Top Service Guarantee

We are offering a variety of Cars, Services, and rental Packages to meet all your travel needs, at the Best Prices.

Last Minute Availability for Car Hire in Rhodes

We offer last minute availability for car hire in Rhodes and at the best prices in Rhodes.

Best Prices Guaranteed at Rhodes Economy Rent a Car

We offer the best car rental prices on the island of Rhodes, and this is a guarantee.

Car Rental Rhodes Top Service Guarantee

Car Hire Rhodes - No Hidden Charges

Choose your Car hire in Rhodes agreement! Pay what you agreed for! And most importantly, get what you paid for!

No Warranty Required on Premium Package

Select the premium Car Hire Economy Package and enjoy full services and without a need for a Guarantee.

Car Rental Insurance in Rhodes

Car Rental Insurance in Rhodes

With Rhodes Economy rent a car we offer free of Charge included in all car groups and in all rental packages:

  • Liability Insurance - Third Party Insurance
  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
  • Theft Protection Waiver
  • Fire protection Liability Insurance.

Optionally if you choose our Premium Package at the car groups offered (small, medium size cars & Minivans) you will have the full damage waiver included with NO Deductible!

That means THERE IS NO AMOUNT you’ll have to pay if something happens during the time of your hire.

For peace of mind and no surprises, choose our no-deductible option to your Rhodes car hire with our Premium package!

Download Rhodes Rent a Car App

Visiting Rhodes? Visit our website via your mobile phone and install our application in order to get the best prices for Car Hire in Rhodes instantly!

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Explore Rhodes by hiring a car

Hire a car and explore Rhodes with convenience and flexibility. Have the freedom to organize day trips at your own pace, without time restrictions. Have a relaxing holiday.

Renting a Car in Rhodes? Lets Break Down Insurance Simply!

So, you're thinking about discovering the wonders of Rhodes with a rental car? That’s an excellent plan! Before you make your reservation, let's take a look at the most crucial topic that often can include traps: car rental insurance. We’ll keep it as light and breezy as an island wind. What comes ...

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Rhodes on a Budget: How to Save on Car Hire and Still discover the island

You are planning a trip to Rhodes and you are worried about the cost of car hire? Rhodes is a beautiful island and has really a lot to offer, don't let the expense of transportation prevent you from exploring it. All you need is a little planning and some insider tips, so you can save money on car h...

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Car rental in Rhodes airport, benefits, quick tips and what to look out for

The beautiful island of Rhodes can be discovered easily and comfortably with car rental at the airport. There are many benefits if you rent a car in Rhodes airport, and we can give you some tips that might be really useful, but there are also some things to watch out for. Benefits of renting a car ...

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Can you rent a car and drive around Rhodes in a day?

If you only have one day to explore the island of Rhodes, then you should rent a convertible to enjoy the beauty of the island. A convertible offers an outdoor experience that allows you to enjoy the sun and views along the way. In addition, a convertible is a fun and unique way to explore the islan...

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Frequently Asked Questions Rent a car in Rhodes

Let us help you by answering most of your questions. We will be happy to answer any questions or inquiries so that you can decide the best car rental deal for your vacations in Rhodes

Hiring a car in Rhodes is highly recommendable. You will be free to explore the island at your own pace and enjoy its beauty. The amazing medieval city of Rhodes, the beautiful Acropolis of Lindos, and the stunning beaches all the way to Prassonisi the southern point.

Hire a car in Rhodes by Rhodes economy car rental, if there is no credit card available choose one of our cars at our Premium package and enjoy a complete peace of mind !Be totally covered by the fully comprehensive insurance with no excess so the credit card to collect your car will not be necessary. We only require a Fuel Warranty in Cash.

Hire a Car in Rhodes by Rhodes economy rent a car and avoid possible Additional Charges here what you agree for is what you will pay, No small print and no Additional charges ! Unless the driver chooses to add some extras during the car delivery in Rhodes.

When you hire a Car in Rhodes By Rhodes economy rent a car, our policy is very simple. The hirer is obliged to return the car with the same amount of fuel, as he received it.If the vehicle has less fuel, then the tenant is charged for the difference.

The kilometers are completely free if you hire a car in Rhodes by Rhodes economy rent a car and that means that every day you can drive as many kilometers as you wish without extra charge.

To hire a car in Rhodes if you are from the EU or the Eurozone all former Soviet Union countries, Turkey, the USA, Canada and Israel, you only need your country’s driving license, except if your driving license is not in Latin script. If it is not in Latin script, then you need an International Driver’s License.If you come from U.K. then the domestic U.K. driving license is valid. If you come from a country out of the EU or the Eurozone, you need a valid international driving license.

Car hire Deliveries in Rhodes are available 24 hours a day if you wish to hire a car at our airport station. There are office hours on our other offices around the island depending on the station you will rent a car in Rhodes from. If the delivery of your rental car is out of the office hours there is always a small additional fee.

In these cases, you should contact us by calling our call center at Rhodes Economy Rent a car, so that we can better serve you under the new circumstances.

To add extra services to your reservation, please e-mail us with your reservation number, and we will add them for you, or you can add the extra service when you collect your car from the representative of Rhodes Economy car hire.

Meeting Rhodes economy rent a car representative in Rhodes airport is very easy. You will find as on your way out of the airport after you collect your  luggage so you do not need to search for us. For more details please Click here.

By booking online, you can usually get much cheaper prices than if you show up on the day for car hire in Rhodes. You can also be sure the car you want will be there ready for you. If you book in advance, not only can you save a large amount of money, but if you haven’t booked and show up on the day there may be only a limited range of vehicles, or also they may have sold out entirely. The general rule is, the further in advance you book, the bigger the discount for your car hire in Rhodes is!

If you choose our Premium Package for your Rhodes car hire with all the benefits and total insurance coverage included, as an additional offer, you will be served in the arrivals terminal of Rhodes Airport without the need to be transferred to any other location.

If you choose a Premium package for your Rhodes car hire, then you will not have to leave a guarantee, because both the vehicle and the passengers will be covered as stated in the general rental terms. There will be a deduction of €100 on the credit or debit card or in Cash as a guarantee for the coverage of possible traffic violations and the observance of the terms of the Rhodes Economy Rent a car contract and the smooth use of the vehicle. Credit / debit cards must be registered. If you decide not to select our Premium package, then you will need to leave a deposit. This deposit will depend on the vehicle group that you have chosen for your rental. The deposit will be unblocked at the end of your rental if no damages have been registered on the vehicle.

• Loss of child seats.• Loss/Damage/Theft of keys, aerials, jack, safety triangles and vests, windscreen wipers, petrol cap, luggage covers, or any other fixed or mobile component of the vehicle.• Damage to the engine through negligence.• Theft of the vehicle with keys left in the ignition.• Fines due to breaking traffic laws and regulations during the hire period are the responsibility of the driver of the vehicle. In the event of a fine being received an administration handling fee of 40€.• Refueling with the wrong type of petrol.• Loss/Damage/Theft of personal belongings.

If you have purchased an annual policy or additional insurance/cover from your credit card or the travel agents/broker where you made your reservation, take into consideration that this insurance/cover is NOT provided directly by Rhodes Ecomomy Rent a Car. Therefore, you are liable to pay the deposit amount or any excess in case of damage to the vehicle and claim the reimbursement of this amount from the company where you have purchased your insurance/cover from.

Hire a car in Rhodes from anywhere you want. Select any delivery point you want, your hotel, your apartment, or any other place, and the car will be delivered to you with no delivery fees. You do not need to look for us… we will look for you!

Rhodes is a very big island with a very good road system.It's essential to have a way to get around if you wish to explore it. Hire a car in Rhodes, save time and money, and organize your trips around the island. Make this holiday the one to remember.

Rhodes is an island, and like all islands is very easy to find your way around. There is one main road that goes all around it, and with this road you can explore all the beautiful beaches and the traditional villages near the sea, with the amazing Greek taverns, and 3 roads that go across the center of the island with the beautiful forests and mountains driving you from one side of the island to the other. So hire a car in Rhodes is a lot easier and enjoyable than you think.

When choosing a car to rent for your trip to Rhodes, there are several important factors to consider. First, consider the size and type of car you need. If you're traveling with a large group, all your family, or you simply require space for a lot of luggage, a minivan, or SUV might be the best option. If you're looking to save money, then rent a small, fuel-efficient car. If you plan to really explore Rhodes, hire a car with good handling and a comfortable ride. If you're planning to drive on rugged or unpaved roads, a car with higher clearance and all-wheel drive might be a better choice. You also need to consider the rental company reputation and the rental conditions, such as insurance, fuel policy, and location. Most importantly, compare prices and reviews from different rental companies in Rhodes, Google reviews would be the best source of information.Book in advance to ensure availability and get the best deal.Take the time to choose the right car to hire in Rhodes for your trip, you can ensure that your journey through Rhodes is comfortable, safe, and enjoyable.

Some key things to look for when comparing car hire companies include: Pricing: Compare the prices for the type of vehicle you are looking for, and make sure there will not be any additional fees or taxes that may be added on. Make sure the company has a good selection of vehicles to choose from. Make sure the company's insurance policy covers all types of damages. Read reviews from other customers and check the company's reputation for customer service. Find out if the company offers services such as delivery, pickup & 24-hour support.

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