Car hire Company in Rhodes

A proposal for your car hire in Rhodes island different from what you have in your mind, operating focused on the customer's needs.

We created this website and the company because we noticed that what is missing from the market is simplicity and  honesty! Book your car at Rhodes economy Rent a Car with very clear procedures!

Here, what you read is what we really mean!

Choose the level of insurance you really need without being over charged and without being tricked with small prints and unclear procedures… Have the complete control and knowledge of your rental agreement…Avoid all the unpleasant surprises that will lead you to additional expenses.

Rental Car Rhodes

How to do that?

Choose the dates you need the car for and the Pick-up station, then press the search button.

We Very clearly present up to 3 different versions of the same car rental to you, with different levels of insurance and services included on every option!

Everything is in front of your eyes, choose the option that will cover your needs and have the absolute control of your car rental!

No Surprises! No small prints! No overcharges!

We are offering:

  • Easy and fast reservation procedure with very fast replies, and detailed information’s… we try to answer your questions before you even ask !
  • Collection and delivery of the car always taking under consideration the customer’s needs, making those procedures as pleasant and as fast possible.
  • A wide range of New cars that will cover the needs of the most demanding customers.
  • 24/7 customer service for every question or detail you will need to know.
  • Complete honesty!

Choose your agreement! Pay what you agreed for! And most importantly, get what you paid for!

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