How to Rent a Car in Rhodes

The car reservation procedure in Rhodes, the right way…

Most, if not all of our competitors, give you the price at the end of the reservation procedure. That means you have already spent your time on a website trying to complete a very long reservation procedure, adding extra insurance coverage and more options just to see the price and then decide if you will proceed to the reservation… Even then, when you think you are almost finished, there will, almost always, be an extra prompt for something else.


All of that has only one goal, to make you spend more and lead you to an overcharged reservation

With Rhodes Economy Rent a Car, we follow the correct rules of the market…

  1. You see the product.
  2. We show you the total price with everything included.
  3. With all information you need, you can proceed to the reservation.

No surprises! No small print! No overcharges!

Here's how to book;

Choose the dates you need the car for and the Pick-up station, then press the search button.

Rent a Car Rhodes

We very clearly present up to 3 different versions of the same car rental to you, with various levels of insurance and services included on every option!

Economy Car Rental Rhodes

Everything is in front of you. Choose the option that will cover your needs and have the absolute control of your car rental!