Can you rent a car and drive around Rhodes in a day?


If you only have one day to explore the island of Rhodes, then you should rent a convertible to enjoy the beauty of the island. A convertible offers an outdoor experience that allows you to enjoy the sun and views along the way. In addition, a convertible is a fun and unique way to explore the island, making your day trip even more memorable.

Recommended day trip to Rhodes

If you only have one day to explore, then below are the most interesting places to visit:
a) Start the day by driving around the city of Rhodes take a good look at the Palace of the Grand Master, a very well preserved medieval castle and then wonder around the old town of Rhodes to explore the medieval castle and have a look at the local market for souvenirs and gifts. 
b) Next stop may be the butterfly valley, walk through the beautiful forest surrounded by millions of butterflies.
c) Lindos should be the next stop and if you have time, walk to the Acropolis, an old Greek town on top of the hill in the middle of the all-white and blue typical Greek village and enjoy the incredible view of the sea and the village!
d) On the way back to your hotel, a stop at a lovely beach to relax and enjoy the afternoon sun would be the perfect end to a beautiful day.

So, a day trip to the island of Rhodes with a rental car is a great way to quickly discover the beauty of the island. Renting a convertible car makes the experience even more memorable and enjoyable. If you really want to explore Rhodes and save some money, it is recommended to rent a smaller car for several days so that you have the freedom to explore and enjoy the endless beauty of the island.
Whatever you choose, exploring Rhodes by car will be an unforgettable experience.

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