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Car hire Rhodes Delivery / Collection to your Door

4.9/5 @ Google Reviews

Rent your preferable car on the island of Rhodes from anywhere you want. You can select any delivery point you want, your hotel, your apartment, or any other place, and we will make sure to serve you immediately and at the best price on the market.

Special Offers Up to -40% - Early Booking Additional Discounts & Free Delivery.

A proposal for your car rental in Rhodes different from what you have in your mind, operating focused on the customer's needs.

We created this website and the company because we noticed that what is missing from the market is simplicity and honesty!

Hire a car in Rhodes with very clear procedures!

Here, what you read is what we really mean!

Choose the level of insurance you really need with your car rental without being overcharged and without being tricked with small prints and unclear procedures… Have the complete control and knowledge of your rental agreement… Avoid all the unpleasant surprises that will lead you to additional expenses.

How to do that?

  1. Choose the dates you need to hire a car in Rhodes, then press the search button.
  2. We Very clearly present up to 3 different versions of the same car rental to you, with different levels of insurance and services included on every option!
  3. Everything is in front of your eyes, choose the option that will cover your needs and have the absolute control of your car rental in Rhodes!
  4. Special Offers 10% - 40% are Available depending on the car Category and Availability (Early Booking Offers Available).

Clear Rental Conditions.

Book Your Car at Rhodes Quickly and Easily.

No Surprises! No small prints! No overcharges!

We are offering:

New, Safe & Clean Cars 100% Fully Insured

• Easy and fast reservation procedure with very fast replies, and detailed information’s.
• Collection and delivery of the car, always taking under consideration the customer’s needs, making those procedures as pleasant and as fast possible.
• A wide range of New cars that will cover the needs of the most demanding customers.
• 24/7 customer service for any questions or details you may need to know.
• Complete honesty!

Free Cancellation or Amendments

Choose your agreement! Pay what you agreed for! And most importantly, get what you paid for!

How can I rent a car in Rhodes?
To rent a car in Rhodes, simply choose the dates you need, press the search button on our website, and we will present up to 3 different options for car rentals with different levels of insurance and services included. Select the option that suits your needs, and book your car quickly and easily with our easy and fast reservation procedure.
Can I have the car delivered to my hotel or apartment in Rhodes?
Yes, we offer free delivery and collection of the car to your preferred location, whether it's your hotel, apartment, or any other place on the island of Rhodes. We strive to make the collection and delivery process as pleasant and fast as possible, taking into consideration the customer's needs.
How can I request a car to be delivered to my hotel in Rhodes?
To request a car to be delivered to your hotel in Rhodes, you can choose the station <> as the delivery point when making your car rental reservation. Provide the hotel's name and address during the booking process, and our team will arrange the delivery accordingly.
Can I schedule a specific time for the car to be delivered to my hotel in Rhodes?
Yes, you can specify a specific time for the car to be delivered to your hotel in Rhodes during the booking process. Our team will make sure to coordinate the delivery based on your requested time, ensuring that the car is ready for you when you need it.
Is there an extra charge for car delivery to my hotel in Rhodes?
Our car delivery service to hotels in Rhodes is free of charge. We strive to offer convenience to our customers by delivering the car to their preferred location, including hotels, apartments, or other places, without any additional fees.
What type of cars do you offer for rental in Rhodes?
We have a wide range of new, safe, and clean cars that will cater to the needs of even the most demanding customers. Our car fleet is 100% fully insured, and we offer different car categories to choose from, depending on availability and early booking offers.
What makes your car rental service different from others in Rhodes?
We focus on simplicity, honesty, and customer needs. We offer very clear rental conditions without any surprises or small prints. You have the complete control and knowledge of your rental agreement, and we do not overcharge or trick our customers with unclear procedures. We also provide 24/7 customer service for any questions or details you may need to know, and we prioritize complete honesty in our operations.
Can I cancel or make amendments to my car rental booking in Rhodes?
Yes, we offer free cancellation or amendments to your booking. We understand that plans can change, and we strive to provide flexibility to our customers. You can choose your agreement, pay what you agreed for, and most importantly, get what you paid for without any hallucinations or random facts.



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